Lvtao environmental · Originate from the major

It is a comprehensive environmental protection project integrating technology research and development, engineering design, construction and installation, product sales, after-sales service and technical consultation。 Contractors and environmental protection machinery manufacturing companies。

Enterprise environmental protection program provider, production environment purification expert
A company specializing in waste gas treatment equipment , wastewater treatment equipment, waste dust equipment, industrial environmental protection equipment enterprises.
Lvtao set products R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and installation services in one of the high-tech and environmental protection enterprises.
is in the lead and has a solid foundation。
Production and manufacturing suppliers of Seiko products, excellent quality and environmental protection equipment
Standardized laboratory, equipped with industry leading equipment, strict implementation of the various testing indicators , 100 percent to ensure the reliability of product quality.
Strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and control the production process. The product specification is equivalent to the international standard .
The introduction of advanced equipment, for the customers to provide a variety of complete set of equipment manufacturing, to do a better product .
Professional team, star service, product value of far exceed price
has a professional product R & D team, sales team, and after sales team , providing a full range of services for the customers of thousands of friends.
The complete service system of pre sale, sale and after sale, guarantees the interests of each customer .
The high and new technology environmental protection enterprise, the product good product rate reaches 99。8%, provides the best quality product for the user.


Zhejiang Lvtao Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive environmental protection project manufacturer and environmental protection equipment manufacturing company integrating technology research and development, engineering design, construction and installation, product sales, after-sales service and technology consulting. We specializes in various kinds of air pollution prevention and control projects, and specializes in manufacturing all kinds of environmental protection machinery and equipment. Engaged in professional design, manufacture and sales of various industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, waste gas, dust removal and desulfurization and other treatment equipment and treatment projects. The technology in the field of industrial waste water, domestic sewage and waste gas is constantly innovating, and its ability is continuously improved.


Industry news

15/5000   What are the methodsequipment for sewage treatment?

15/5000 What are the methodsequipment for sewage treatment?

Special equipment: all kinds of sewage pump and sludge pump, water pump, metering pump, screw pump, roots blower, air compressor, centrifugal blower, surface aerator, automatic water prototype,

  • QWhat is the resistance of air pollution control?

    AAtmospheric environment is the precious resources on which human being rely, the destruction of the atmospheric environment resources is a kind of irreversible process……

  • Q11/5000 How to choose industrial dust removal equipment?

    AThere are many factors that can influence the effect of waste gas treatment, one of the important reasons is the selection of equipment, exhaust gas treatment company small make up think, choose the right equipment can be targeted for waste gas processing,

  • QWhich is better?

    AAt present, there are many domestic waste gas treatment methods, and the choice of waste gas treatment methods must be determined according to the air quantity and the exhaust gas composition category and the concentration of exhaust gases in different working conditions.

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